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Drupal is an open source platform for building amazing digital experiences.  


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In the creation and management of sites used by many systems. One of them - Drupal - is striking in its strength and versatility. It allows you to create various web resources in the form of:

Popularity CMS Drupal

It was brought to the Drupal system unencrypted source code and free distribution. Most often, it acts as a framework for creating different applications. To lead the site, you do not need much specific knowledge. The admin panel located on the site is optimized with all management moments under the owner of the web resource.

Popularity CMS Drupal

The advantages of the CMS Drupal

Drupal has a lot of them. The main ones are:

Creating content in the system is a fairly simple process. It has several thousand extensions, with the help of which the site can use new items in the management of a web resource.

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